Good And Bad fat

The Big Fat Lie

I'm passionate about educating the public about dietary fat. Since the low and non-fat revolution Americans have become sicker and fatter than ever before. Fat is needed for numerous processes in the body as well as triggering hormones of satiation. Have you ever watched someone eat an entire bag of (empty calorie) potato chips and still feel hungry? Frankenfoods do not satiate; they do not trigger hormones of satiation that say "stop eating, I'm full." Fat have your fat an eat it too, just make sure it's the good fats. 


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Fats: Safer Choices

It takes fat to burn fat and dietary fat is needed for numerous processes in the body.......FAT is good!
For the past 60 or more years, Americans have been on low-fat and/or poor quality fat diets. It’s no surprise as to why we’re suffering from such a myriad of degenerative diseases. We are, without a doubt, a society extremely deficient in healthy fatty acids! For those who have not been on low-fat diets, chances are, the fats and oils you’ve been purchasing from your local grocer are denatured, refined, unstable and quite frankly, dangerous to consume. The processing methods these fats are exposed to render them poisonous to our bodies, prematurely robbing us of our health and vitality! 



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