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Calorie Math

Regarding traditional dieting, studies show that simply eating less fails 94% of the time LONG TERM. Long term fat loss, health and happiness should be the goal. Statistically, you have a higher percent chance of giving up smoking cold turkey (and nicotine is the 3rd most additcive substance) than you have of achieving LONG TERM health, fitness and fat loss goals by counting and restricting calories.

The U.S. Department of Health and Department of Agriculture issued the first US dietary guidelines for Americans in the 1980's. Dietary and health-care communities synchronized their message for nutrition and health: cut total and saturated fat, eat more "healthy whole grains," watch calories and increase physical activity.

We were taught calorie math: "eat less, exercise more" and you will lose weight.......yet 1980 marks an astounding turn of events for the American public: the start of an unprecedented and dramatic increase in calorie intake, weight gain, and overweight and obesity epidemics. 

Americans now have the worst epidemic of obesity and all the diseases that accompany it, such as hypertension, diabetes, degenerating joints, "high cholesterol," and other conditions, in human history. 
The conclusion: conventional wisdom is not just inaccurate, but desastatingly wrong!

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Regulating Blood Sugar
Regulating Blood Sugar



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