Individual Nutitional Therapy

As a nutritional therapist I provide individual nutritional therapy, family consultations, couple
consultations and workshop style nutritional therapy. I am trained in handling the following
nutritional foundations: Whole food diet, Digestion, Blood sugar handling, Fatty acids, Minerals
and Hydration. I am also trained in the consequences of poor foundational health :Endocrine/hormone function,
allergies, cardiovascular function, detox, joint pain and weight loss.

Individual Nutritional Therapy: Beginning Package $195

You tell me how your body feels by filling out a set of intake forms including a food journal, a health questionnaire and an online questionnaire which allows me to run reports on your specific conditions and work out a protocol specific to you prior to our first meeting. The actual  consultation will last anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. It's best to schedule it at a time you are not stressed and rushed such as after work. In this consultation you will receive:

For some people this is all it takes to get yourself on the track to optimal health although I do not find that one session is enough for most people. In order to continue with support, I recommend selecting on of the Monthly Packages that best suits your needs: Bronze, Silver or Gold. 

 I highly recommend taking the Spectracell lab which provides me with an abundance of information on your individual nutritional deficiencies.


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