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Bone broth superfood is a part of every nutritional therapy protocol. In Kristy’s cookbook, Recipe’s Remastered, she provides a bone broth recipe. Many people opt out of making bone broth due to the time involved. Rest assured, Best of the Bone condensed bone broth is the best choice on the planet. Best of the Bone is sourced from certified all grass-fed beef bones in Australia and New Zealand, then processed and packaged in Australia.  are the creators and producers of the Best of the Bone grass-fed bone broth concentrate superfoods, one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Best of the Bone is the richest, most nutrient dense slow-cooked (for 48+ hours,) certified grass fed bone broth gelatin (NOT powder but a living, enzyme and nutrient rich gelatin) - is packed with the most absorbable collagen protein, 19 vital amino acids and 80+ minerals.  Add a cup of warm water to a spoonful of Best of the Bone for quick, nutrient dense broths or as a base for rich soups and amazing sauces. 

Kristy and her partner John Bridges, NTP are in the process of setting up a distribution center in Portland, Oregon in order to expedite shipping this amazing product to US customers as well as reducing shipping costs. Our website, Best of the Bone USA, and launch is scheduled for September or October 2020. For the time being, please click on the jar and you will be directed to The Herbal Doctors website in Australia where you can explore the 7 bone broth products; all ingredients added to the product are organic (spices and/or mushrooms). In order to purchase Best of the Bone, reach out to Kristy as she currently has a small supply she keeps to service her accounts such as the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop. Kristy can ship directly to you instead of placing your order via the website where currency is calculate in AUD only and the supply chain is delayed due to Covid 19. 

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